Looking to replace my Sony DRX-830U


I am new to the forum and first post… My Sony DRX-830U external DVD burner just took a crap… I is making all kinds of racket when burning a DVD (sounds like something came loose). I am basically looking to run out to BB or CC and just snag a new external DVD burner. I burn alot of DVD-R/DVD+R’s (movies) and alot of data, little music. Here are a few that are avail now to just run out and snag. Any comments or suggestions would be great…

Pioneer 18X DVR-X122S6
(i have hear a few things about bitsettings or something in that nature… not sure what those are! But says it needs to be flashed to burn DVD+R?)

Samsung 20X SE-S204N

Sony DRX-840U
(basically an upgrade to the model I have)

Thanks for any info you can provide.
Thanks for a great forum!

Maybe another Sony 830? I own two, and they are decent machines. I don’t like the silver though. Welcome to the forum.

I’d pick the Sammy (I’ve just bought the internal LightScribe version)…or as THE C. says, another 830U (which is actually a rebadged Samsung drive anyway). :slight_smile:

Welcome to CDF, BTW :slight_smile:

Rebadged!! Oh…NO!! Just Kidding… They are really cool at the 65 dollar price.

Thanks for the reply… I will run down there and if they have any of the Sony 830’s i’ll grab another one, if not i’ll snag a Samsung external.
Also… If I take apart the Sony case, will any internal drive fit in it?

Yes indeed it will. If you can get the drive open you can save money too cause the Sony internal is only about 40 bucks! If you can, I would go that route! Look for the sales too. Good Luck.

Worked out good for me… Called sony and they said it was covered (only 11 months old). Sent it back and just got a new DRX-830UL-T in the mail from them. It has has a firewire connection on this model (havent checked to see if it works) and the USB2.