Looking to replace my Pioneer 106

My Pioneer 106 has done well but i think its time for a change.Looking at the Benq 1650 or the LG 4167,or maybe the Pioneer 110 as a replacement.Would i be right in saying that the Benq does better burn quality on dvd,or is there not too much in it?
Seems that there are so many drives to choose from you get spoilt for choice.

From my point of view, the Pio 110 offers the best dvd burning quality, also for DL media.
But the BenQ 1650 and Lg 4167 are also good choices.

Ditto! if you are in the states buy the ASUS 1608P2 at newegg on a weekend sale! It can be crossflashed to an A10/110. Also the 1655 and 1693(P6) as well as the 3550/4550 are good choices!

Thanks fellas