Looking to purchase BenQ DW1640

Hello All…I’m looking to upgrade my Dell :bow: .I like what I have read about the BenQ dw1640 but can’t find it in the market here. I’m not that interested in lightscribe (yet) but would consider the 1625 also.I’m not going to have much on this comp. except personal media copying programs and listening, playing of course. Can anyone help me with where to purchase these?
Thanks in advance

BenQ 1640W not yet available in the US. Has been available overseas for a few months.
Check out the following link…


If you can’t wait 2-4 weeks (best guess when it will be available) check out newegg.com for best prices.

NEC 3520, NEC 3540, BENQ1620, LG4163B are all good choices.