Looking to Purchase a DVD Drive

Hello fellow CDfreaks,

I’m new to the forums and have been reading some reviews on the different DVD drives on the market. I’m still kinda puzzled on what I should purchase for my 1st DVD Drive. What I do know is the features I would like in the drive that I do purchase. What I would like you guys to help me with is this. I’m going to list features that I would like the drive to possess and I would like for you guys to tell me if there is a drive on the market that fit’s the descriptions and maybe post a review so I can check it out.

I would like the drive to have the following;

Good or Excellent DVD/CD writing quality
Decent CD/DVD media compatibility
Good CD/DVD read speed
Able to Rip current game/audio protections
Possible Booktype/Bitsettings
Good/Excellent DVD+CD writing speed
Good DVD ripping speeds.

Thanks in advance for any help that is posted.

check out the plextor 716a. it should meet all your criteria and then some…

BenQ 1620. From what I’ve read cause I have NEC3500 which is hard to come by but if I had to buy one today thats what I would buy. It’s the fast riper, low error rates and lets not forget the price. In the US $49.99 at Newegg

Good luck with what ever you buy. :slight_smile:

Plextor drives are great, but too expensive! Consider the Lite-ON SOHW 1673S CD Freaks review or a Rosewill RD-162(AOpen ). Both drives can make 1:1 backups of Safedisc 2.90, excellent DAE and 11x dvd rip speeds. You can purchase either drive at a great price, much less expensive than the Plextor 716A.

Lite-on SOHW-1673S at newegg

Rosewill(AOpen) RD-162 at newegg

getting a new drive too, please recommend from the following two:

Liteon SOHW-1673S and LG GSA-4163B

I can only get those two drives at where i live and i don’t like ordering stuff outside my local area. :slight_smile: I’ve read quite a lot of bad reviews about 1673s, such as slow writing, poor cd-r recording, and higher error rate, but has anyone actually experienced these problems, as opposed to just reading them from reviews? Thanks a bunch.

For that what you’d like to have I would get the Lite-On, the LG is good cause it’s a
multi format drive, better said nothing much more than the other drives, Dvd-Ram etc.

Thanks rapidfire, I will be using dvd drive for general data backup and dvd image burning only, no ripping or dvd movie backup or stuff like that… just to be sure that i get that correctly, Liteon is the preferred one? :iagree:

I’m, looking for a new DVD Burner, too. It should be able to copy most of the protected data disks. So I was thinking about the either AOpen DUW1608 or Lite-On SOHW-1673S. Or is there any better in ignoring copy protections?

You would be stupid to buy a liteon drive if you actually gave a damn about recording quality. Sure, the liteon drive is a decent enough recorder, but it sucks at writing CD-Rs. I would choose the LG any day of the week over the liteon. To buy a liteon DVD burner is to continue to support their shoddy design and continued poor performance.

> Good or Excellent DVD/CD writing quality
The LG writes most brands of DVD-R and DVD+R very well, and doesn’t have big problems with CDs like the Liteon 1673 has.

> Decent CD/DVD media compatibility
The LG writes every brand of CD-R tested by CD-freaks perfectly. The liteon burnt none of CD-R’s tested by CD-Freaks acceptably. The LG also properly burns a much wider range of DVD-/+Rs then the liteon. LG engineers often release new firmware that adjusts writing to fill in gaps in their compatibility.

> Good CD/DVD read speed
Admittedly, after patching, the liteon is a faster reader. The LG isn’t horribly bad though, unlike say, a pioneer 116 or an optiwrite DD201

> Able to Rip current game/audio protections
The LG is only slightly behind the liteon, in that it bypasses audio protection and most game protections.

> Possible Booktype/Bitsettings
The LG will do booktype settings on DVD+R/R9 (to DVD-ROM)

> Good/Excellent DVD+CD writing speed
The LG has among the best writing times of any DVD burner.

> Good DVD ripping speeds.
Same as above on DVD-reading speed. Not as fast as a patched Benq or Liteon drive, but faster then most unpatched drives.

A new DVD burner will probably be out of date in a couple of years. The prices of burners today is not a life time investment. To do what you want get a good used 48x12x48 lite-on or plextor CD burner and buy a Benq and a NEC / Lg DVD burners. These will do what you want and do it well. (With the right software) Not quite 2 years ago I bought a Sony DRX-510 UL for $365US THAT WAS HIGH! :eek: But what the heck my new Mad Dog (NEC3520) uses the enclosure for its dog house and is quite happy with its USB2/firewire house. For about $150US you could have all you could want in burners.
Of course this just my two cents worth, take it or leave it or just have a good laugh. :bigsmile: :iagree:

The aopen/rosewell/Microadvantage is a good cheap burner! Have two! I was lucky to pick them up on sale for $39.99. Newegg has them for around $49. The Nec 3540 will be out very soon and the 3530 is already being shipped in all New Dells. All the drives mentioned above will do a good job!
Love my Plex.
PS/ the 109 is dropping in price and is a good burner.$59

I keep getting conflicting recommendations on LG GSA-4163B and LiteOn SOHW-1673S… the review and forum here said LG is comparably better than LiteOn, but when asking two of my local shops they all said LG is worse than LiteOn overall, and also that there is a high return rate of BenQ, so much so that they don’t stock BenQ anymore… And when checking user reviews on newegg.com, it seems users of LG and LiteOn were both happy and gave high score… extremely confused here :frowning:

People are cross flashing and flashing, changing write strats on Benq drives, and the only thing they knew about computers is where the on button is, thus a lot of them are returned. They also don’t play nice with Nvidia(sp?) drivers or packet writing software. That is a few reasons why a lot of them are being returned. I would also bet that a lot of folks that don’t check the “Forums” buy a DVD burner, stick in a pressed DVD and get pissed when it won’t rip or says this file won’t fit DVD5. If they do get it on thier hard drive they use the cheapest media they can get and when they try to play the burnt disc it craps out on them.They take it back. (This happens to all brand of burners.
Wouldn’t have a Lite-On drive. You have to fiddle with them too much and take them a E Prom every now and again.Kind of like if you are good with cars and have a boot full of tools then you can drive a Fiat.( Fix It Again Tony)

Hmmm, my Benq 1620 plays fine with my nforce 3-250gb motherboard. I am using the microsoft drivers for PATA though. The nvidia drivers enjoy hanging and crashing the computer under heavy disk load :slight_smile:

But, I will take your word for it :slight_smile: