Looking to obtain best quality pictures

I have dvdnextcopy Ultimate Version
Released (01/18/09). I can copy any movie I want, but I am looking for information that will help me copy my movies as high of quality as the original DVD movie. I notice that when I am watching one of my backup movies that there is a slight glaire around certain words or situations in the movie. Does anyone have any suggestions? Listed below are specs on my dvd burner and system info:

dvd burner: HP dvd1070 lightscribe copy and burn at 16x DVD multi recorder RW DVD+R DL

SYStem Inf: 3gb ram; ASUS motherboard p4p800 se; radion 1650x 512mb ram;

dvd media: I am using Memorex DVD+R 16x

Get verbatim blanks or TAIYO YUDEN and burn at half the rated speed unless the rated speed is 8 or 12x then burn at that.

thank you for the quick response.