Looking to move Vhs tapes to my Harddrive

I am trying to move my parrents wedding and old vhs tapes to my computer for editing. I have read a lot of people talking about this subject usually sugesting using a camcorder or media card. I however do not have these.

Is it possible for me to use a TV tuner card or my -less likely- graphics card connected to a VCR. I have a ATI TV Wonder 650 pci card and a Geforce 8500 that has a svideo -I have a color plug adaptor for it but I think the graphics card only outputs correct me if I am wrong-

Please let me know if anyone knows if this mcgyver aproach to this will work, and how. As of now I can’t get the TV tuner card to recognize anything, I have updated the drivers.

Welcome to the forum. According to this page: http://ati.amd.com/products/tvwonder650/index.html I’d say you can. They would also be the source for appropriate drivers and capture software too.

Video Input and Capture
View or capture analog video from a camcorder or VCR. Easily digitize your video and preserve your memories onto your PC’s hard drive or burn them to DVD. Noise reduction sharpens the incoming analog video, removing the static that can occur when capturing analog video on your PC.

Yes it should work

Some Tuner cards are real picky so you have to make sure all your settings are correct while doing the capture.
I had trouble with the S-Video working on a card before and had to use the regular RCA connectors to get it going.

Hope this helps