Looking to get a new burner, recommendations?

My current configuration is:
SATA 1: 200GB Western Digital
IDE Primary Master: 80GB Seagate
IDE Primary Slave: Lite-On LTR-52327S
IDE Secondary Master: Lite-On SOHW-812S (that seems to make coasters 3/4 of the time now)
IDE Secondary Slave: Pioneer DRW-110D

I am looking at removing the SOHW-812S and replacing it with another hard drive. It doesn’t burn too well anymore, but it’s still better at reading in my experience than any of my other drives for DVDs (especially protected ones).

What I want, then, is to take out the SOHW-812S but also replace my old LTR-52327S with a newer drive that can handle DVDs. What I want is a drive that:

  • Can read and write CDs at at least 48x
  • Can read and write DVDs at at least 12x
  • Has good write quality with most CDs and DVD-R media (I don’t use +R or DL much, but good support for them would still be a bonus)
  • Handles reading and writing protected CDs (both games and audio) well
  • Has either no Riplock, or Riplock that can be disabled
  • Generally handles well with damaged media
  • Doesn’t cost much

So, what do you think would be my best options and why?

I’m bumping this and adding some extra comments with regards to what I’m wondering about new burners.

The media I use is predominantly 8x DVD-R from many different manufacturers (i.e. whatever I can find at the local store). Both of the burners I have currently burn all these discs using Z-CLV. Is this the best option for 8x - media? Do some burners use a different method?

Also, I’d like a drive that can read the non-16x-write-certified media at 16x. Neither my Pioneer, nor the Lite-On 165P6S that I was eyeing.

I say go for a BenQ - good for reading damaged disc, removable riplock thanks to the MCSE. Preferably a 1640/1650 which are dissapearing but the 1640 will have problems burning at 16x. It uses a P-CAV mode to burn 8x - and I’d say it’s faster than Z-CLV and the changes in jitter/beta are more gradual so there’s no “spike” between zones which might help pickier players.

The LiteOn you are eyeing isn’t bad at all. It’d be my other recommendation, since if you Omnipatch it - you can get the full speeds :wink: