Looking to get a better dvd-rom... go with HD166S or LTC-48161H

i have a 401s and a LTR-52246S

i want a dvd-rom so the dvdr is not being used to scan with kprobe all the time…

also can i burn a dvd and scan with kprobe all at once…

if i got the combo cdrw/dvd-rom it would save a drive id have to have but it would be 48x and not 52x :stuck_out_tongue:

so go with HD166S or LTC-48161H ?

is the combo drive a good dvd reader as the HD166S?

I just added a LTC-48161H to my collection. Since it is a 16x reader, it is slightly faster than my LDW-401S at ripping. I think that the cheapest option would be to just get a DVD-ROM drive if you have enough IDE channels open. I had to disconnect my LTR-52246S to install the LTC-48161H.

Remember that scan results will be different with different types of drives…

yeah i was remembering that too…

that would be 3 ide just for cdr/dvdr/dvdrom

might just go with the

dvdr and the combo so it just takes up 2 ide channels!

i really like the idea of 16x dvdripping!


No, it’s not quite that fast…

I think that it starts faster than the 401S, but I haven’t double checked that yet. It still reaches around 8x max on dual layer pressed discs.

No, I don’t think that the LTC-48161H really rips any faster than the LDW-401S, at least not on dual layer movies.

hmm… better than the 8x toshiba i have that takes forever! :stuck_out_tongue:

or i could get a SATA harddrive and not worry about it and just get the dvd-rom and be fine with IDE! :slight_smile: