Looking to do simple task

hello. i am trying to buy a burner. i have read many reviews and posts and it seems that most people burn movies to DVD. i would use CDR, but i need to back up databases. so i need to go bigger than a few gig. i want to burn and read reliablely. i don’t want to over spend nor under spend. i was looking at the NU 082, nec 2500/10, or a liteon 812. pioneer looks really good, but expensive. i probably will burn the database once a week and my development pc once a week as well. DL is cool, but i don’t think burning across disks will be a worry of mine as my databases will mostly be just a few gig.

As a two-time (so far) Lite-On owner, I can reccomend the 812. It’s down to about $75 USD and the latest firmwares are yielding very good results with a bunch of media. Plus, Lite-On was a leader with their CD-R/Ws so you’ll get great (2 sheep) CD burning. And it’s DL capable with an 832 firmware flash.

Only con I can think of is that Lite-Ons in general don’t like really cheap media- stick with anything but the bargain bin and ask around the media/Lite-On forums and you’ll be fine.

I have the NEC 2500A and I highly recommend it, you can get it from newegg for 65 dollars I think. In addition there is a firmware flash out that allows the burner to be upgraded to be able to burn dual density DVD’s (A feature that tacks 15-20 dollars onto the price of a burner) Mine works beautifully and I’m sure most will agree with me that the NEC 2500 is one of the best on the market right now for a phenomenal price.