Looking to copy encrypted dvd's

I just purchased a second dvd rom for my pc… i now have my dvd burner as well as the dvd rom…i need to know what software is needed to copy store bought dvd’s???.. i have downloaded clone dvd software…but that is not capable on it’s own of doing what i need , can someone tell me what other software i need …and how to use that software???..

Clonedvd2 if thats what you have and anydvd from slysoft.com. It has a 21 day trial. good luck.

Why don’t you just buy the DVD’s and send them to someone on this board and have them make your backups. That way you don’t have to do any research and reading at all.

If only we could make stupidity more painful… /.

Hi BADSANTA and welcome ,

You could also use dvdfab decryptor to rip and dvd shrink to burn ( if have nero ) or dvddecrytor ( if don’t have nero )
These are excellent programs and are free to boot …
Have to agree with what pipemanid says ( not as harsh thou ) , search function actually works wonders …

A little harsh, but sometimes “tough love” is what’s need to inspire individuals to get up off of their butts and learn something, rather than have someone else do all the leg work.

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If it could be done! There would be a lot of people in PAIN !!!

Very TRU Very TRU !!! But Nothing is imposible for a man who will use the search function :slight_smile:

try to use dvd shrink & dvd decrytor both of them are free anyway & very easy to use

I would like to record movies from some of the movie channels onto my hard drive but, when I go to burn them Nero says that the movie is license protected and it won’t allow me to burn it. If I get “DVDShrink” or “DVD2One” will that solve the problem?

Which is the best for this. Free or not.

You have to know what to search for eh!

Shrink, Decrypter, CloneDVD2, FabDecrypter all work great!

BTW/we backup our retail disks we paid for at the retail store, we never copy! The copy word is not a good word these days!

Welcome to the club.
If you use the search facility you will find a host of information regarding what you want.
Basically you need a decrypter and possibly a shrink tool, there are free and others, notably from sly soft, which will do what you want. :iagree:
Nero is only a burning tool that will not backup protected DVD’s the descriptor removes the encryption so that you can burn a copy, even with Nero if you want! :smiley:

Edited after reading the post properly. :bigsmile:

I use dvddecrypter and ImgBurn. Although they (dvddecrypter) were bought out and shut down, you can still google search for it. Just try each link until you find one that will allow you to download it. It’s worth the time if you really need it. Also the maker of dvddecrypter started ImgBurn where he left off with dvddecrypter. The cool thing is they are both free.
P.S. You can no longer update dvddecrypter. :a That’s why I got ImgBurn. :flower:

I have found that using DVD Decrypter is the best way to rip the VOB files. I have never had any copyright problems with the software, plus it is free. But you will also need DVD Shrink to then backup the file, and then burn with nero or something similar. You used to be able to backup and rip directly using DVD shrink but lately I have had no luck with a lot of the new movies. So i have to use decrypter then open the file in shrink and back it up then burn with nero. They are all free except for nero. Good Luck

i’m no mod, but i think this was uncalled for. i agree that the original poster could stand to do a little independent research on the forums, but there’s no need to be harsh about it. save your breath (err fingers?) and just don’t reply to the topic, and let someone with a little more patience answer his question…

or if you must respond, nicely suggest search terms that should yield some results.

Good point by reasonsnotrules. Let’s not discourage computer use by harshness.
I didn’t think a dvd shrink was needed if you used dvddecrypter or imgburn?
I’ve had these guys help me out before. They are good. Not only listen to what they say, actually hear them. Good Luck!:slight_smile:

dvd decrypter and ImgBurn can only do 1:1 copies (either SL or DL)

dvd shrink will shrink a larger disc to fit onto SL media.

I see what you’re saying.
If you don’t have a DL drive (or don’t want to use it) you shrink it so it fits a SL disk.
It just might be a good idea to save money and not use DL disks.

I have no clue what you trying to say, but from my point of understanding it is not possible that way…


plus if you want to save money and still get 100% quality you can use shrink to split the movie across 2 SL discs (if you don’t mind switching the discs in the middle of the movie)

yeh… but there isnt really any noticable quality loss whenn watching the tv.

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