Looking to by a new CD/DVD ripper/burner



Hi all

I’ve completely fried my brain at searching for a new CD/DVD drive.

It’s taken me a long time but I’m looking to rip my 1000+ cd collection (don’t know why I didn’t before!). I’m also looking for the drive to be a good burner, especially with CD’s.

I’ve looked at these two :

lg gh24ns50

and the

Lite-On iHAS624

can any one advise me on which would be best. Or if you think any other drive would be better. I’m willing to pay for quality, as I hope this will last me a while.

Also, my connection is IDE. How well do the IDE to SATA adaptors work?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Oh forgot to say I have a very old Optorite DD0201


Try to get a Plextor Premium off ebay etc.