Looking to buy new CD/DVD Burner

I’m looking for a lowcost reliable CD/DVD burner than can hopefully burn cds and dvds at decent speed. Like 32x or more for CDs and I guess more than 4x for Dvds.

Can anyone recommend a good burner? It doesnt need to be fancy or have software etc, an oem one is fine im just gonna replace my old one with it.

Also about the installation do you need to install drivers for a cd/dvd burner? Or can I just attach the rail mounts, and the power and ide cables, and boot up.

i’ll leave the burner recommendations up to those who are more current on things. I’m a BenQ fangirl. I have a 1640 and a 1655 in my computer right now. I don’t know much about their newer drives though. the optical drive forum is a great place to get more than enough info to decide. Pretty much everything you get these days will go up to 52x for cds and 16x or 18x for dvds (although that doesn’t mean you should always burn at full speed!) so your speed requirements aren’t an issue.

as far as installation goes it’s exactly the same as installing a hard drive if you’ve ever done that. no drivers to worry about. There’s a jumper on the back and you’ll have to set it to Master or Slave depending on where on the IDE cable you’re putting it. There should be a jumper diagram on the drive itself to show how to place the jumper for master and how to place it for slave. other than that it’s literally just plug in the power, plug in the IDE cable, screw it into place, boot up and let windows recognize it (assuming you’re using windows)

I agree with reasonsnotrules that everyone will have varying experiences in recommending burners. I have a Lite on 832S and 20A1H drive and both satisfy my needs. But you should do a search on what drive you like and see what people who uses drive are their experiences on them are. As before drives work varying and depending on your software and hardware configuration. You have to take into account are you going PATA or SATA depending on what connectors your motherboard has. And on PATA you have to make sure you have the right cable and right jumper settings but on SATA you don’t have to do that. So you should select a drive from reading people survey and experiences on the drives and then find one that will fit your needs and budget as well.

One thing whether it matters or not I would stay away from HD-DVD and BD-Ray for now as they are still not set in stone yet.

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Please elaborate what is not set? Technology and features change all the time, but drive manufactures catch up and LG GGW-H10N is able to read both BD and HD-DVD as well as older format and I’m sure others will follow.

Also recommending to stay away from new technology such as BD and HD-DVD is not the spirit of our forum. Many CDFreaks members as well as guests browse our forum to find info for these new DVD/BD/HD-DVD drives (and media!) which are all over the market today. Not all of our members and guests have spending barrier and/or use it only to watch hollywood hi-def movies which will have new BD-Java feature. Many of them use blu-ray writers mostly to store more data, record hi-def movies from hi-def camcorders etc etc or just to accompany their hi-def plasma and lcd screens.

Just a reminder that we would like to have as many useful post and information for any optical drives and formats including the hi-def ones. That is also one of the reasons why we care to review these new drives. :wink:

well was going to just install them on the ide cable like in the past, but i do have 4 sata slots, are those able to work with optical drives as well? If so, do i just need a sata cable and its good to go, assuming the drive has a sata port.