Looking to buy my first DVD-RW

Im looking to buy my first DVD+RW. My good ole lite-on 52x burner has served me well. I was looking at the lite-on SOHW-1633 retail kit. Also whats the difference between the SOHW-1633 and the SOHW-1633s as i can get this on OEM. Are these drives good for backing up films as my kids have broke a few and it’s costing an arm and a leg to replace the films. Im not to fussed about the sheep rating as now i’ll use a image to run backup pc games or game jackal.

any info would be great


Personally have BenQ DW1620. Does very good +Rs and with recent firmware upgrades it does pretty good -R as well. Also it can bitset DVD+Rs right out of the box which makes it almost 100% compatible with existing DVD players. SOHW-1633 is just a typo. Search around the forum and internet for user opinions and reviews to see which drive is best for you.

The Liteon SOHW-1633 in my experience is very good at reading badly scratched, i have backed up nearly all mine that would not even be reconized in other Dvd rom and writers (philips 885, liteon 5232k,) but i have to say the philips 885k i had did better quility DVD+R than my current Liteon 1633s