Looking To Buy CDRs, are these Verbatim any good?

I’m looking to buy CDRs. Haven’t bought any for at least a couple of years, and have always bought TY’s in the past. I found some AZO Verbatim Data Life Plus at Amazon:

http://www.amazon.com/Verbatim-DataLife … ndle+94523

Are these any good, or should I try Rima, in hopes that still have premium Taiyo Yuden’s available. Or would Falcon CDRs be OK? I used my CDRs mostly to archive.

TY cd’s are still readily available. Why settle for less if the price isn’t too high?

These are the premium grade.

I had seen these before and have considered them. Is the lack of a CD ring any problem at all?


Can I write on these with a Sharpie?

Lack of a stacking ring is only a problem if you want to keep them in cakeboxes and constantly dig through them. A stacking ring lets the writing surface hover above the next one.

Rima has lots of different varieties, this is just the first one that came up when I was searching at their site.

I’ve written on CD’s for years without issues. If you are worried, you could get the inkjet printable version instead. http://www.rima.com/prod/1161.html
Same high quality, different top surface.

I’ve also considered these before, too. I will get one of them.