Looking to buy Blu-Ray DL burner; Which one is best

Hi All,

I’m looking to buy my 1st Bluray Burner. It MUST have DL Burning abilities.
I’m also want to use it for playing renting Blu-ray movies. Speed is not high on my list. I’m looking for a burner that can burn the most varity of types and quality of media. Also any advice on burning and ripping software.:bow:


What is your criteria for “the best”?

Blu-ray burners for your consideration:

  • LG GGW-H20L 6x, BE06LU10 6x external, BH08 8x, BE08 8x external
  • Panasonic SW-5584 8x and its OEM: Buffalo BR-816FBS or Sony BWU-300S

I am also considering going into the BD world (old fart :stuck_out_tongue: ) and since I dont want to open a new thread about it…

I am looking for an external drive that i can move easily from my htpc to my main PC or laptop. What about the BE06LU10 that you suggested Zevi? I have found it for 212E. Has anything changed the last 6 months or so with something better coming in the market?

try and get LG BH08 8x burner, or the Pioneer 203 also 8x.

[QUOTE=nekrosoft13;2426902]try and get LG BH08 8x burner, or the Pioneer 203 also 8x.[/QUOTE]
Now from a quick look they are both internal drives… need an external one though as I said already.

Found the BH08, which seems to be the external drive for 8x by LG, but I cant seem to find it in any local stores. Will keep an eye out for that also thanx

Well you can always use a external case of some sort to house it in. There are some nice ESATA ones about now depending on how much extra you want to spend to make it all happen.

Yep that’s an option too Darty and i will probably save up a few $ this way too :slight_smile:
Although I really do like the look of the external LGs…

Do we have any tests on the burning quality of these babies? I know there’s no way to really test for errors on the BD side, but still…

Well I bought the ggw20l last summer with my stimulus money and it seems to make BD disks that work fine in my Panasonic bd-10a. The few regular dvds I burned with it didn’t seem to test that well but others seem to have better luck and most of my media isn’t A grade any more.
I bought it becuase I got the HD-DVD player first and a bunch of movies, then I got the Blu Ray after Toshiba gave up. It plays both types of disks fine as well and pretty much plays and burns everything else :bigsmile:


I’m interested on purchasing an external blu-ray re-writer for my future HP 8730w laptop. This modern laptop has USB 2.0, FireWire and eSATA ports. I asked LG Spain (my country) about the availability of the new LG BE 08 external re-writer, and the technical support replied me this drive is not sold on Spain (sigh). I only can buy on my country the BH08 internal model or the old BE 06 external model.
Performance is not a problem, the laptop is shipped with a T9800 processor (C2D) with 4GB DDR2 RAM and an nVIDIA Quadro FX3700M graphics card with 1GB of memory. I like the BE 08 for its eSATA port. With this port, theoretically, there will be faster transfers than with the traditional USB port.

I’d like to use the re-writer for burning and playing movies on an HD TV through the laptop.

Any advice? any similar models from other brands (with eSATA port if possible)?

Thanks in advance