Looking to buy a spare DVD burner



Yep, DVD burner prices have come down to the point where I can afford to buy a spare one. :smiley:
I already have a 2500A and an older Toshiba SD-R5002. I was looking to buy a Lite-On 451S - I can grab it for $115 Cdn. I’ll be using it mainly to transfer larger files between computers using rewritable discs, speed isn’t really important (our network has… issues, which I won’t get into here). Plus, I’d like to be able to do some K-Probe scans. Actually, which of the Lite-On DVD burners is “best” for K-Probe scans? I can also get an 811 or 851 for a bit more.


Get an 812. Better drive… as also the DVD+R DL modding possibility.


I agree. I’d go with the 812 from what I’ve seen. The 451 seems to be very tempermental at best. Most of my DVD Backup collection I’m going to have to redo when I get my HP 420i (NEC ND2500A OEM) simply to reduce conflicts between DVD Players I own. Tired of the 451S, if it wasn’t for the fact that it had Kprobe as a purpose I’d take it out in the backyard and get all Office Space on it. :slight_smile:


If you look at reviews, the Lite-on gets sucky scores for RW performance. You need to do your homework and check the reviews out here, cdrinfo, and cdrlabs/C’t results. There are more burners (BenQ, Nu-tech maybe more) that will report Pi, Po, and one more the Lite-on doesn’t have - jitter - which may be the missing link. Kprobe is no longer the sole application for reporting these parameters.


I’d wait for 12x + DL burners. When they at LG, Lite-On, BenQ, NEC, and so on begin to produce burners that can do 12x SL and 2.4x DL, the street price will soon fall under US$100, perhaps even as low as under US$50 by fall. Especially since you already have an NEC ND-2500A, one of the best existing DVD burners on the market today.


A lot of people have stated pickiness/quality problems with these Nexperia-type drives, too. :stuck_out_tongue: As for jitter, we’re not sure what kind of an effect it even has right now. Or for that matter, how accurate the Nexperia scan results are. They can be just as inaccurate and useless as the ones produced by the Mtk chips.

See my post here:


all I can say is don’t get an 811s, the only thing mine is good for is kprobe scans.


Agreed. Though 811S drives haven’t been in production for a long time and are pretty hard to find, too. The 812S is a very different story, though. :slight_smile:


Not where I live, the 812s just bacame available a couple of weeks ago (they call it a new drive, what a joke). :iagree:


I’ve got a LITEON 401 (original not modded) retail for sale. My domicide is
in the UK so if anyone is interested PM me and i’ll respond. I may even sell
it on Ebay within the next couple of weeks.

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