Looking to buy a new Drive for my PC

I am currently running a Windows Vista Media Centre PC in my living room. I am looking to replace the internal DVD drive (the one I have is becoming unreliable) and I would like to replace it with a region free drive. I am in the UK, so most of my discs are region 2, but i do have a few region 1 discs.

Any suggestion as to what drive I can buy that is easily hackable to become region free?


Only way that I know of that lets you play any Region on your burner is the software by Slysoft AnyDVD HD that permits Region playinng on your burner. As for Firmware to change burner to Region free without knowing the burner there isn’t much to go on there??

Thanks, Coolcolors, I am really just looking for advice as to what internal drives are hackable, and which ones aren’t. also if anyone knows if there are issues running region free TSRs with Media Centre.