Looking to buy a LVW-5055GDL - Few questions

I know the 55 is not out yet (Amazon says 1-2 weeks) but I have a few questions that I hope you owners of the 5045GDL can help with (similar model just a smaller HDD)

I notice that the unit does DVD -> HDD copying. I presume this is for non-original discs. Can you copy purchased discs onto the HDD so you dont have to keep swapping discs for multi disc films?

I have a large collection of my DVD’s on DivX as I own a Archos AV-700 which I use alot. I know the 55 will play DivX / XviD but can you copy the files off of a CD/DVD onto the HDD so you dont need the disc to play them back? This would save alot of space as I can then encode some long movies into DVD-DivX as a single file and play them back on the recorder.

Can you copy most discs to the HDD e.g. MP3 discs etc?

Last question is really a technical question. Does the 45/55 support DivX B-Frames. I had to ask as someone may know and my AV-700 does so all my encodes use them.

Thanks for any help.

From what I recall, the 5045GDL is actually just a step up from the LVW-5045, but with the addition of DivX & XviD and DVD+R DL support, so I can confirm the following , at least with my LVW-5045. Hopefully someone else with an actual GDL+ can add their experience. :wink:

The only DVD-Video content that can be transferred to its HDD is actually content that was recorded on the LiteOn itself. I have tried copying a non-protected disc (without CSS, Macrovision or regioning) and it refused to copy. :rolleyes:

Anything else that my player can play can be copied to its internal HDD. For example, the following content can be copied from CD/DVD to its HDD: MPEG 1 & 2 video files (end in .mpg), Wave, MP3 & WMA audio files & folders, images, Video-CD content and Audio-CD content. As a result, I would presume that the GDL versions will also allow the copying of DivX & XviD content to its internal HDD, however I am unable to confirm this.

My recorder does have one other restriction when copying from CD/DVD to HDD, which I am not sure is present in the GDR versions: Video and Audio CD content can only be copied at 2x, i.e. it takes about 45 minutes to rip a ~78 minute CD in my LVW-5045!

Hopefully someone else will be able to help. As the player is DivX Certified, it is designed for the playback of DivX content and as DivX supports B-Frames, I would presume that the LiteOn will support these.