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Prices change from Day to Day, and some times they stay for a while.

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Some Lite-on Prices

(US) SOHW-812S Price $ 65 (with Ground Shipping) 69.99 (Link) SOHW-812S

(UK) SOHW-812S about £43.37 (Link) SOHW-812S
Shipping Band: £4.49
Approx Cart Weight: 1.13Kg
Shipping Surcharge: £0.00
SubTotal: £47.86
VAT: £8.38
Total: £56.24

(US) 832S Price $ 92 Shipping - FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING

(US) SOHW-1213S (12x Dual Drive) $84 (Link) SOHW-1213S

Food For Thought:
When Buying a Product sometimes shipping is high so weigh your options! You might pay a few more dollars for the product but save more on shipping then a few. Or get 2nd day shipping for the same price as 5 day ground. Also the Area you live in. I live in Arizona and if I order from California I get it in 2 days using ground shipping. Hope This Helps! :slight_smile:

The Other day I bought a 812S from Walmart for $99 ( I just didn’t want to wait a couple days)

So checkout your local computer shop and then Pricewatch and you choose.

I hope This Helps people who don’t know about this site.

Enjoy This Site :slight_smile:

fnice :smiley:

tomorrow i will get my 812s… for 93.50 euro…

i chose this, as i wanted liteon, one fast enought (8x is enought) and now i am not interested in DL, but later maybe… so the only solution is getting now 812, later when needed, convert to 832 (using codeguys patches)…