Looking to buy a DVD-RW with ultimate quality CD-R burns!

Yes. If you like high jitter, then get this :bigsmile: Also if you want a blind scanning drive.

Not being technically trained I’m not sure what you mean by jitter. I know it as latency variation (data transfer delay – the time it takes for data to go from sending to receiving source). If it is this am I correct in thinking it does not affect the quality of a rip?


Anyone know of the difference between “Lite On SOHD-16P9S DVD 16/48” and “Lite On SHD-16P1S-02C”?


“Lite On SOHD-16P9S DVD 16/48”:

“Lite On SHD-16P1S-02C”:

I am not sure if there are any visible differences…

Oh dear, I just found out after I order it that the 16P1S is an internal drive. I’ll cancel it. I was wanting an external USB drive for ripping CDs … something I can buy now in Europe which will give me an exact copy or let me know when it does not, using EAC (exact Audio copy and FLAC or Monkeys compression). Recommendations appreciated.



I am not sure if there are external DVD-ROM drives available in Europe. So, I’d suggest getting an internal one (already on the way :bigsmile: ) and some USB/IDE adapter or external enclosure.

Please note also, that EAC won’t work with external drives if Adaptec’s ancient Aspi driver is installed and used. :wink:


Really good info - thanks. No, not on the way … I cancelled it; but the USB adaptor bit is interesting if it is not too complicated. Note: my soldering is crap.

Also, how can I test whether “Adaptec’s ancient Aspi driver is installed and used”?