Looking to buy a DVD-RW with ultimate quality CD-R burns!

Could you guys recommend a few burners which are considered best for CD-R writing quality?


Sony NEC Optiarc drives have very good CD-R burn quality.

LG DVD burners also seem to have good CD-R burnquality, although there are some problems with burning CD-R at faster than 16x on a few recent LG as far as I know (I don’t remember the model numbers).

There’s Been Soooooooo Many New Models From LG, It Gives Me A Headache.

The Model Number That [B]DrageMester[/B] May Of Been Referring Too: [B]LG-GSA-H42N-Super-Multi-DVD-Writer[/B]

I Would Have To Agree With [B]DrageMester[/B] And Stay Away From The [B]GSA-H42 & GSA-H62[/B] Series.


OK… I’d keep that in mind.
What about Pioneer 112 or the new Benq models (X18)?

Would realy like to hear your opinions!

There seems to be an alarming number of reports in our Pioneer forum of people experiencing problems with the CD burning/reading function in the Pioneer 112 series drives.

I’ve Had Good Results With The Pioneer 112 Series With CD-R’s And It’s Base On The Same Chipset As Sony NEC Optiarc Drives.

BenQ Models Are Now Lite-On’s And I Believe Aren’t As Good On CD-R’s.
But Have Been Very Good DVD Burners & Scanners.

DrageMester I’m Intreeged Regarding Issuses With The Pioneer 112 Series & CD-R’s.

I Haven’t Had Any Issues With CD-R’s With My Pioneers, Not That I’ve Burnt Many.

Call Me Old Fashion But I Still Using 2x Lite-On LTR-52327S & 2x Lite-On LTR-52246S To Do Most Of My CD-R Backups.

Just From A Very Brief Review Of The Pioneer DVR-112D Regarding CD-R/RW Writing Performance:

I don’t have a Pioneer 112/212 series drive myself, but I have noticed several users posting about problems with the CD-R capability in their Pioneer 112/212 drives in our Pioneer forum, and it looks like it could be more than just a few random problems.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this, I suggest you go look in the Asus DVD Burner / Pioneer DVD Burner forum.

Here are some of the threads:

DVR212 CDr fix?

Question about 112D CD function longevity.

How can i do to fix my Pioneer 112D?

Cant burn CDR when crossflash 112D???

Pionner DVR-112D - CDR Burning Fails

Me too - I want to rip my CD library using EAC and FLAC, but also want to burn video to DVD. The CD ripping has priority for me in terms of quality. Is the one piece of kit that will do both?

Almost any DVD burner can do this reasonably well, provided you use the right tools for Audio CD ripping. The difference would be in how well they handle copy-protected Audio CDs and otherwise damaged CDs.


I love my LG-4163B for that (4167 is nearly equal). Unfortunately, this drive is no longer available. :sad:

Haven’t tried yet thoroughly, but Samsung SH-S182 looks promising (but has some problems with DVD-R).

In general, I have the impression, that CD-R capabilities are now rather neglected by the manufacturers of DVD writers. Also, plain CD-R drives aren’t that good as they were in former times…


Sounds like it might be best to buy a CD ripper and another device to record my camcorder stuff to DVD - recommendations very welcome



ripping shouldn’t be a problem with any drive (okay, some are faster than others), but I am complaining about CD writing quality :bigsmile:


So you suggest LG-4163B or 4167 for DVD burning. I guess it rips CDs also … no big deal if it does not as a good CD drive for this seems to be less than 30euro


Liteon LH-20A1P is an excellent CD-R burner. It is not such a
good CD scanner. Verbatim MIJ CD-R burned at 16x in the
Liteon gives fantastic burn quality.

If you want a combination of good burn quality and
accurate CD scanning, look for a BenQ 1640/50/55,
a Plextor or a Liteon CD-RW drive.

Seems these BenQs are “no longer available” in Europe. Anyone know the replacement model?

There aren’t any replacements for the BenQ DW1655/DW1650 as such - their unique CD scanning capabilities are not present in later drives.

The newer BenQ DW1800/DW2000 series are based on completely different chipsets (MediaTek which is the same as for LiteOn drives).

Sometimes you can find a Philips DVDR 1660P or 1668P in local stores. These are the same hardware as Benq DW1650/1655.

:disagree: Sorry, maybe I was misunderstood. These drives are excellent CD-writers (with TY media), at least the 4163 is an excellent and fast ripper, too. I wouldn’t recommend them as DVD writer anymore, as they are that outdated that newer media aren’t supported.


Thanks DrageMester :bow:

I’ll Have A Look At The Links That You Have Provided.
And I’ll Have A Browse Thru The Asus DVD Burner / Pioneer DVD Burner Forum section.

When Time Permits I’ll Do Some Of My Own CD-R Tests With My Pioneers. :iagree:

The LiteOn 5239 model available in Belgium has a ‘v’ rather than an ‘s’ at the end. Does anyone know if this is significant?