Looking To Buy A Cheap Dvd Burner To Run On My Old System

Ok let me first say this is my first post so im not really sure where this goes

im currently looking to buy a dvd burner to back up my hd and also 2 burn some video files that i have on my pc but everytime i look at a dvd burner to purchace my system specs dont meet the minum requirments for it so if any1 knows a dvd burner that will work on my system please let me know here are my specs

Windows Xp Home Edition W/Sp2
Intel P3 733 mhz
1x 80 Gb Western Digital Hd
192 Mb Sdram Pc100

If You Are Able To Help Me Please Eith Respond Or Instant Message Me My Aim Sn Is Sanoske312

The first problem that I see is that you only have 192Mb of ram and are running windows xp. Windows xp is crippled by so little ram and your ability to burn is doubly cripled by so little ram. If you have a legit copy of win 98, you might want to consider a dual boot system as you might be able to do it under win 98.
I’m guessing that your 80 gig hard drive is pretty much full. you need lots of space to deal with dvd’s (6-14 gig free space). Usally if you have 10 gig free you can do most common things.
Plenty of people burn just fine on a pentium 3 (your probably pushing it but there is no reason you cannot do it).
Another thing to look at is your ide controler (this is the device that controls your drive). If you have a pentium 3, its quite possible that that it has a controler that cannot do fast enough speed for dvd burning. Actually it just limits the speed you can burn at, but forcing high speed dvd media to burn slower often ends in bad burns or disaster. So you might have to look for certain medias.
Increasing you ram would be a good idea, but you ram is so outdated, you could probably buy another motherboard, new style ram and pay for a little bit of a new cpu for the cost of the the older ram. They know sdram is outdated, and hard to find and they rape you on the price.
Could you give more specific info on your system (and maybe ability to upgrade, how much you can spend).

I’ll tell you, you can probably do dvd burning (most aspects of it). I have heard of it hapening on old systems like that plenty of times. It might/will cause restrictions and problems though. You might want to see if you can get some used ram locally at computer shops (you can sometimes find it really cheap but it might not be tested and is a gamble). You might even be able to buy a low end computer used (I have seen old used pentium 3 systems for under 100$ and you can gut the ram and whatever else). New sdram is not worth buying. It is so expensive (because it is so obsolete), that you could upgrade to beter equipment and new ram and be beter off.
I’m sure others can provide more info, but should you try a new drive with your computer (it may or may not work, plenty have done it on low systems like that, it depends on your equipment), if it doesn’t work, you can update your system, and the drive will work with a newer system. Are you using this old system becuse its what you can afford, or because it hapens to be what you have?
Also, how comfortable are you poking around the inside of your computer and how much do you know?

An 8x dvd burner would fit here, faster is not suitable anyway.

I suggest a good 16x burner like Lite-On 1635 or a BenQ DW1650. You’ll get both for about $40 (or if you live in Europe £30). Don’t buy a 8x DVDRW at eBay!

Reason i suggest a 16x burner is the drives/media lifespan. Most of the 8x burner don’t have any firmware support making it difficult to keep up with “new” 8 or 16x media because of luck of media support in firmware.
Common DVD disc will still be around for quite many years and this burner maight be a “good start” in a new box.

Sanoske312, you really shouldn’t waste any more money on your old box. Maybe a 128MB stick of memory if you get it really cheap, say for $5-10. That’s all.

Finally, we shouldn’t always stare us blind on manufacturers “specifications”. Some manufacturer like Lite-On haven’t even updated theirs for a year or so.
And I have also proven, we are capable to burn at 8x with an old Pentium-II 266MHz box. This ofcourse if you have a fast HDD, clean install and not that many tasks running in background.
Defragging HDD regularly is also impostant when the IDE bus is slow and maybe only runs at “ATA-66”.

Down side of this ripit would be the 2Gb file size restriction of the FAT32 system, backing up DVDs if using ISO mode may not happen. THough I would agree with the rest of what you are saying.

I though it was 4 gig file size (which should be good for dvd as long as you dont try to do an iso). I cannot remember the particulars but doesn’t it have something to do with if it is 16 bit or 32 bit fat (or soemthing like that)? You are right, iso files or dual layer burning etc isn’t going to happen with win98 (or so I would guess). My main point is that while xp is a beter operating system, the whole faster, beter, more efficient crap was such a load of shit we should tatoo it on bill gates head. xp requires more power, more memory, more resources or it wont even run. windows xp specs claim that 128mb of mem is minimum, 64 meg will run with limited function. If you have ever had the misfortune to work on a system running xp and such little memory (or for that matter, old slow equipment), you probably know what it is like to want to slit your throat rather than work on this computer…
I know xp is beter and with modern systems, they have the ability to take advantage of it. Should I ever get roped into working on an old system like that for someone again though, I might hafe to consider sucide if it is running xp (ok so I’m being over dramatic, but win 98 runs beter and faster on old computers that really dont have the resources to rub xp.
Fyi, would anyone farmiliar with fat (and what 98 uses) like to chime in? I thought the fat limit for win 98 32 bit systems was 4 gig? Is it 2 gig?

Actually ripit I think you are right about it being 4Gb, it’s been that long since I had FAT32 as a mina use file system I may have my sizes mixed up.

As I said I agreed with the rest of the info. Considering how much of a resource hog XP is god knows how bad Vista will be. PC133 will work with PC100, so the poster might be lucky and get some cheap, even though obsolete, at a computer fair. It would still be cheeper than buying a pentium compatable motherboard and pentium CPU.

Some very good points raised here. I agree totally with this.