Looking to buy a CD Player that plays MP3's, any suggestions?

I’m planning on buying in the next month or so, a CD Player that plays MP3’s. Does anyone use these? Can I get some feed back from you?


Ehy, i’m using the RioVolt SP100 (www.riovolt.com) and i’m really satisfied!!
It’s a great player, with the unique caracteristic of the upgradable firmware, that adds new features and patches!!!
Really good sound, 10 hours of playing at loud volume, external joystick, plays normal cds, mp3s and wma.

Maybe the only “problem” is that is not the smallest on the market… but it’s worth a lot more than what u pay for it!!

A “must buy” in my opinion!!

I am using the SONICblue RioVolt SP 250. It has superb audio quality. I highly recommend it. It may cost more ( I paid 179 USD. ) but it is well worth it. Ask anyone who owns one.

Many fantastic features. I like the built-in battery recharger for NiMH “AA” batteries. It also has a keen feature that remembers where to resume playback on a CD after it has been removed and re-inserted. Up to four CDs memory provided, which is great.

It also plays MP3 and WMA audio files. It really does play CD-R as well as CD-RW discs with MP3 and/or WMA files as well as CD-Rs or CD-RWs formatted as audio CDs.

It has a wonderful signal to noise ratio specification, etc. which help enhance music playback. It has the best sound as compared to any of my older modular stereo systems. It’s that good. But do please consider to separately purchase quality headphones. I tried two different Sony headphones: Sony “Pysc” headphones for great bass in small size, and Sony “Studio” headphones for superior sound. My head was too big for the included headphones as one size does not fit all.

Also don’t neglect the wonderful SP 90 and SP 100 RioVolt players. I understand that “iRiver” sells a very similar unit to the SP 250. However I do not know how it compares in price and overall features.

Welcome to the MP3 revolution in music! I too thought that the personal MP3-CD players was the time to join…:cool:

Okay, looks like I’ll check out the Riovolts. Does it give ID3 name? Does it deal with directorys well?

As for buying quality head phones, I have yet to buy some portable music device that has decent head phones. I used to have a box full of them (pack-in head phones).

I’m figuring about $150 there about is what I’ll spend. Just not sure how soon till I get it. Guess if my CD player breaks it’ll be sooner then later.

Which I got to give my CD player credit, I’ve dropped it more times then I’d like to admit and it still plays fine. Guess it knows I’m in the market for a new one and doesn’t want to give up the ghost yet. =)

Yes, I think that it deals with directories very well. Here’s what I have done to date: I rip my audio CDs to MP3 files and simply name the file and the directory. I use the album year and title for the directory, and the track title and track number for the MP3 file name(s). I prefer to “navigate” in this way. No ID3 tags to become corrupted ever.

However I understand that it does handle ID3 names per specifications. It is also supposed to handle M3U playlists.
But no I have not myself tried ID3 tags per se. I have tried M3U playlists a little.

Another keen feature of SONICblue’s RioVolt SP 250 is that you can create playlists on the cd player unit’s memory itself at will!

I create a data CD aka CD-ROM with folders/directories where each contains MP3 files. ( I prefer 192 Kbps compression for audio fidelity’s sake using dBpowerAMP’s Music Converter ( Audio CD Input ) for CD ripping. ) The RioVolt SP 250 can handily navigate the “root” directory and all sub-directories.

Depending on your portable cd player budget, I would recommend either the RioVolt SP 100 or SP 90 to you. The RioVolt SP 250 is the “flagship” of portable cd players and costs a bit more. :frowning:

There are probably some fine sub-one hundred-dollar MP3-CD players. I saw a Memorex -branded unit at a Target store for approximately 67 USD. It even came with its own car kit. Unfortunately my RioVolt SP 250 came with its own AC adapter, but not with its own car kit. You have to pay extra for it I understand. If “dropping” is ever an issue, then, of course, I would urge cheaper and easy-to-replace units.

Best wishes.

whitetie :slight_smile:

They have a SP-90 at Fred Meyers here and it’s under $100. Think I’m going to get one next payday.

thanks for the info.