Looking to add files to media center and HDTV

Hello all.

I have a system running WMC2005 hooked up to a 32" HDTV . I had a few movies on the media center that I ripped from some DVDs and converted via Auto Gordon Knot. On standard definition they looked fine, but on this HDTV they look terrible.

I have about 30 DVDs that I would like to put on my media center. What is the best program to use for this purpose. I just want to rip the DVDs and encode them to a DIVX or XVID file. Can this be done at a 720p ?

Thanks for your help.


DVDs are not 720p, so that is no way.

Does your WMC system support upscaling? If not, forget it, stick to the DVD format. No transcoding is the best for quality.