Looking good for my Visit to The USA

At long last things are now going my way, decided too sell me motor, costs too much to run, and drinks way too much gas. I have plans too go back to N.C USA for 3 months+ depends on rules and regulations on visitors. My friends have agreed and cannot wait for me too jet over. If they have 24/7 account I can still use the web and post etc, otherwise I will be limited. Mind you 3 months without my PC? ahh doesn’t matter, I can look back when I am much older and reflect on the good times of life. Not many people get the chance like me to jet around, this will be my 6th trip from the UK :bigsmile:

Greets from The Diplomat:D

I hope nothing else goes bad when I land at Raleigh airport:rolleyes:


Cool, have fun ! :smiley:

watch out for the crazies in NC - its almost time for March Madness down there…