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I’m looking for a site/store where i can by very cheap and very much cd-r black and silver/green. with very much i mean 1500 cd-r with a max. of FL 1,–. so please help me

why post this in the english talking forums ?? since ya dutch…

But http://www.cdrwinkel.com does have sharp prices.
and also opussuplies wich you prob. already have.

He probably didn’t noticed it yet! Cause he’s new here!
Welcome 2 da club!!! :wink:


has some good prices 2

You must have quite a bit of “personal” software you wish to backup if you’re looking for 1500 blanks :slight_smile:

Assuming you’ve decided to go into the commercial “backup” CD business, I’ve got only one word of advice - DON’T!

You may think that this is a quick & easy way to make $$, but in order for a business of this nature to be successful you have to advertise… and when you do, we’ll find you faster than most of your “customers”.



But you can always give it a try…

Greetz ReBoQ :cool: