Looking for YUDEN matte-finish silver media 8x-16x

I am trying to switch from RITEK G05 to YUDEN media because my recent Ritek batches have been having problems with deterioration, discoloration, failed burns, etc.

I tried the usual sites I shop at and the YUDEN media I saw was mostly SHINY top surface which I dont like due to fingerprints.

Does anyone know of a YUDEN media that has matte finish (but not white top!) and is 8x-16x and can be gotten for <US 0.65c per disc?

thanks!!! :iagree:

There is no matte top TY media aside from the inkjet printables. Perhaps you should try the silver-top inkjet printable TY discs?

how are those for reliability? i keep hearing about problems with inkjet printables.

i guess I was hoping for something that looks like Ritek matte silvers but with TY reliability… maybe it doesnt exist

Not really. Which country are you located in? Doesn’t do any good for me to post good US deals if you aren’t in the US.

Well there really aren’t any matte finish TY discs in the US. I assume dvd_baqup is looking for unbranded TY discs though.

That’s what kept me from using TY in many cases, hate the shiny stuff. Impossible to keep from smudging them. Although I still use G05s, there was a great sale on Fuji-branded TYG02 (8x-12x) at Staples. There are three colors… 10 green, 10 blue, and 10 yellow per pack. The blue are somewhat dark, but if you use a silver metallic Sharpie on them it can be read easily.

If you buy them at the regular price of $17.98/30pk that would be 60cents each plus tax. This is assuming you are in the US and have a Staples available.


If you want it shipped to you, shipping is free if you spend over $50. So order three packs and they are 60cents each.


You might try the Taiyos with the silver thermal Everest printable surface. They are not as shiny as the silver lacquer surface and they don’t have the nasty fingerprint problem that the silver lacquers tend to exhibit. I have burned hundreds of both kinds at work and have found that the Everest printable CDs produce better burns with very low error rates (avg. 0.5 C1 errors/sec.) with no C2 errors. They are a bit more expensive but are worth it if you value quality.

The Sony branded TY has an pretty awesome surface.

well to answer some questions, yes I am in the US so looking for US deals only. Also, looking for unbranded media.

Are there any other excellent brands of media besides TY that will be better than the Ritek G05 and have a silver matte finish with no logos, etc?