Looking for video recording software

Hi everyone

Like the title says then I’m on the lookout for some video recording software that has these funtions:

  1. Continuous recording
    (should be able to record…forever :slight_smile: )
  2. Only keep a certain portion of the recorded material (option specific)
    (I would like to specify to be able to see the last say 4 hours of recorded material)
  3. On-the-fly encoding
    (Encode while recording is a must. This way I can instantly take a look at the recorded material)
  4. Full screen recording
    (This is needed since I need to monitor several programs at one time)

I didn’t set any requirements for encoding format or price yet as my first priority is to get some programs to chose from right now.

I sincerely hope some of you guys out there can help me with this problem. During the past couple of days I have spent close to two full work-days trying out different programs, and I am getting about to get frustrated, as none yet fullfills my wishes.

A nice day to everyone :slight_smile:

Full screen recording and encoding will require massive CPU resources, more than most systems will support. Unless your screen is at 600x400.

Start by taking a look at www.videoguys.com. That will give you ideas of the available hardware/software which is used by video professionals… It will cover stuff from complete professional, down to hobbiest levels (upper level hobbiest)