Looking for video conversion software?

I’ve noticed that alot of people are always looking for some good video converters, many of those are not succesful as they never get exactly what it is they are looking for…

having that in mind, I decided to make a list of such software. over time we will decide which video format converter is the best… and keeping only the good apps on the list.

as for maintaining the list, I doubt anyone would have time to do so alone, therefore I think we should -note- the good and the bad converters. And if we all -note- our experience with the different programs, then we could easily make a good and READABLE list.

as for now the following video converters are below, plz tell about other good video converters if you know about some, but remember they must be the absolute best you have tried. I am currently testing WinAvi.

Cucusoft Video Converter (Pro)

Allok AVI to DVD SVCD VCD Converter

WinAVI Video Converter - experiencing speed problems converting an mpeg to dvd, - taking multiple hours.

Aone (several)

AVI to VCD DVD MPEG Converter Pro

I like the one by Xilisoft. It allows you to convert the following:
3gpp, 3gpp2, aac, asf, avi- Windows, avi- DIVX, VOB-DVD, MPEG2, wma, wmv, mp2, Mp3, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG3, MPEG4- video, MPEG4- audio, OGG, PSP, Qucktime, AC3 Audio, Real Audio, Real Media, Sun AU, VCD

You can convert any of the above formats to any of the above formats, even video to audio. For example if you have a VOB and want only the audio you can pull in the VOB and convert it to an MP3 file. You also have the option in any of the above formats for the following settings during the convertion:

Video Size
Bitrate Minimum
Bitrate Maximum
Buffer Size
Frame Rate
Aspect Ratio

Sample Rate
Channels (mono, stereo or 5 channels)

I don’t know how well it does against the other converters but it converts a lot of different formats and lets you control things like frame rate and video size. So far a good DVD to AVI you would have the ability to set the video size to 720 X 480 for DVD. Here is the link


Download ($35.00)

I’ve tried that one out too… :smiley: its actually the exact program as the one ImTOO is selling, I asked them about that and they said It was because they both had been working on it, something about xilisoft making some part of the engine I guess it was… - which is also the reason for the same price :stuck_out_tongue: - also have a look at the price on the “ripper pack” and the dvd ripper, same versions and everything :cool:

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AVS Video Converter. I’ve tried it and had no luck. The pictures have serious streaks, loss of sound, sound doesn’t follow the action/lips etc… grain looking video. I’ve experienced all types of problems with it.

(I’m trying to convert dvd to mpg) Vob to avi/mpg/??? whatever … it simply hasn’t worked for me.

I have a question regarding the transcoding operation
when preparing avi files for burning to dvd.I am using
dvd- it, and the process takes 9 hours for a one and a
half hour movie.Is there a faster way?

The speed is not just dependant on the programme but on system specs as well.

I have Main Concept MPEG Encoder does is a couple of hours what TMPGEnc takes 9 to 12 hours to do. MC is a commercial programme and so you will have to pay for it, though there is a trial version you can use though ofcourse it has limitations. You do need a seperate DVD authoring programme to convert the mpeg into the relevant files for burning to DVD.

Saying that I can get an avi to DVD in upto 4 hours using MC and TMPGEnc DVD Author.

I have now tested a whole bunch of converters.Xillisoft
was real time or faster going from .avi to mpeg2.Then
Sony DVD architect got me to the vob files with proper
menu in 3 1/2 times speed after that.Then I burn with
whatever.I could probably go faster without menus but
I dont think there is aprogram that authors .vob files
is there?
Another point is ,a lot of the conversion apps did not
accept the .avi files I captured with Vegas6.Why would that be?

WinAvi is the fastest I’ve come across - converted a 1 hour AVI file to DVD format in about 20 minutes, and it looks fine on my tube TV. I tried numerous other programs - some couldn’t read my AVI file, others took hours to convert.

WinAvi is nice because it can creat the DVD VOB file structure on the fly straight from the AVI, so no need for an extra MPEG-to-DVD step - not all of the converters I tried could do that. Also has ability to control file size and/or quality.

I had some funny stuff happenng on one PAL conversion, where there was some blocking and audio out of sync in one small section. Then I tried converting same video to NTSC and it worked fine - I think the problem was related to the source video format and what I was asking the program to do.

One of the ones I also tried was Total Video Converter - it worked quite well and was quick. The interface was a bit clunky though. The result PAL DVD was unfortunately no good, with majoraudio/video sync problems.

In summary, I think WinAvi is great for what it does.

I’ve been using the newest version of AVS video converter to burn DVDs whenever DVD decrypter or DVDshrink are not convenient(AVI,MPG1 Xvid,etc)- No problems except if you output to DVD9 size you cannot use DVDshrink to shrink it down to single layer size(shrink fails with “program exception error” this is true even if you run your files through FIXVTS). The automatic shrink feature of the AVS software works pretty good by itself and if you need really good quality the output files work with DVD Rebuilder.

you should try dvdsanta and dvdshrink. those are free if you can find them XD