Looking for Verbatim DigitalMovie DVD-r spindles

I saw them on ad at Best Buy for $7.99 for a spindle of 25 months ago and not since.

My entire collection is done on these and I’d rather keep it the same.

Any help would be appreciated.

BD :cool:

You’ll probably be paying a premium to get them, and they will probably get harder to find so stock up if you really want them. Here’s some at Amazon.com link. There are others on Amazon, just search for ‘verbatim movie’ and you’ll find more. I’ve seen them on other sites as well, if I come across a better price I’ll let you know.

Newegg nets out at less than Amazon when shipping charges are added. 12.95 + 6.49 shipping = 19.44 at Amazon. 12.99 + 4.99 shipping = 17.98 at Newegg.

Thanks for the replies thus far fellas. There’s gotta be a sub $10 price tag somewhere out there without waiting for the next Best Buy sale.

Does anyone know if these are on the way to the discontinued list or just hard to find??

Unless they start making them in 16x, I’m guessing that they’re going to stop being produced soon, if they are still making them at all.