Looking for USOA w (not bin)

I’m looking for firmware 812S USOA w (not bin).
Thank’s :slight_smile:

Originally posted by jojo20
I’m looking for firmware 812S USOA w (not bin).
Thank’s :slight_smile:

You can find it here

Thank’s but it’s GSOA for 851S and i wanted USOA for 812S :sad:

lol, if you look 2 lines down from the link he posted you will see the firmwares for the SOHW-812S… Including the US0A Firmware… Here is a direct link incase you need it…

Sweet, you guys are using the bookmarks for each drive!

Unfortunately, the link to the US0A Windows Updater is dead. I’ll upload it later and fix the link if I remember. I don’t see any reason why you need the Windows Updater though.

I know that the link id dead.
It’s because i looked for it.
I need (sorry for my english dhc014, i’m french !) the Windows Updater because i’ve read it can modified the eeprom during the flash.
My tests are not very good with firmware USOF and USOG modified at 8X with “speedhacker” and my ritek G04 and i need :bigsmile: make another test with USOA.
Arf, sorry, it’s difficult to me to speak english :stuck_out_tongue:

The Windows Updater does not modify the contents of the EEPROM when updating your firmware.

Thank you for your answer dhc014 :slight_smile:
I’ve got now the USOA w from a friend.