Looking for USD $1500-ish BluRay burner/printer for data backup

I’m looking for a cheap way to archive fairly large blobs of data; perhaps 500GB at a time. I want an automated media changer that will print a barcode and some text on each Blu-Ray disc, burn it, and eject it to a hopper.

Color printing isn’t necessary. A single burner will suffice.

I looked at Meritline and found this unit, which looks a little hokey. This onelooks okay, but the printer is overkill. I only need black printing so I figure devices like the Primera Disc Publisher are more than I need.

Any advice for around $1500? Brands or sites to look at or avoid? Also, are there software apps that will generate barcodes for the discs and burn the data in disc-sized batches?

Thanks for any advice.