Looking for unscrammbled firmware for Combo SOHC-5236V firmware, R$0G

want to unlock the rip speed with omnipatcher. thank you

the only way to do it is to flash the original firmware to the drive, then dump the firmware and use the bin through omnipatcher and then reflash the bin to the drive

how do i do that? i know about using omniflasher but have never dumped a firmware, what program do i use for that?

when you say dump do you mean back up the firmware to the hard drive? is that what LtnFW does? sorry for being a noob :slight_smile:

Yes thats the one you need you can find it Here :slight_smile:

if i am reading it right i can not use that one as it uses xflash. how do i extract the file and what program do i use? i have flashed the drive with the new firmware. now what?

well i figured out how to back the firmware up but now omniflasher is telling it doesn’t recognize the firmware and is aborting, any idea why?

have you got the latest omnipatcher? it works fine as i have done it

yes it is the latest one. you have the same drive as me?

i do, the bin file you have, what is the size?

1kb, which i believe is wrong. i backed the firmware up twice and got the same results.

should be 512kb, use the flash utility from the codeguys, top one


could you please send me the dump of your firmware from R$0G.EXE hclarkjr@wpa.net

sent, lets know how you go :wink:

success, do not know what i was doing wrong but the one you sent worked perfectly and i was able to unlock the rip speed of the drive. thank you for helping :slight_smile: