Looking For Trades

I am looking for people who are looking for genuine trades.

I live in Australia and would like to hear from any genuine person who wishes to trade apps.

Please e-mail me at "jconwd@hotmail.com".


Snail mail or electronically? I have a sweet 1.5 Mbit download DSL, buy my upload is capped at 90 kbit. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Anytime fallen…let me know what u want and I have a cable modem…I have lots of games and some app’s…email me at occb2@hvc.rr.com

I’m sorry folks, but it isn’t allowed for trading cd’s here. Nor in the other fora. If you want to trade some apps, or anything else, i advise you to go to http://burn.at/cddealers

Keep ignoring the fact that you may not post “you want to trade” will result in a ban

Your choice!