Looking for title - artist

Hi everybody,

I’m searching for a track but I don’t remeber the title or the guy who mixed it.

Could somebody help me ?

All I can remeber is that it had a very loud bass and that in the middle of the track , you could hear somebody shout , “Where’s My Dinner Bitch ?”

Thanks in advance

who’s taping my evenings at home?!?!

I first thought that is what Eminem could have sung but I figure you would have knew it than, and he doesnt exactly have very loud bass in his songs (although I’ve not listened to his albums, only the singles).

If its a random house mix you’re after then I think you are out of luck, unless our house DJ knows it (DJMind where are you? :))

there was a Tom Green Show…with Where’e my dinner Bitch …in it

I am here, and I’m trying to figure out what track it could be… :iagree:

@ donfrabrizio - What genre of music was the track?

LOL… :bigsmile:

could it be a mix of prodigy’s smack my bitch up by eric cartman from south park called
smack my bitch up ’ in the kitchen? he say’s Where’e my dinner Bitch in that lol

Found It.

It’s DJ Frank - dinner.

Thanks all for trying.

Glad you found it bro! :iagree: