Looking for these 8x rated discs...help needed

Hello all,

I’m particularly looking for the following two DVD+R discs

Sony DVDR 8x (D11)

I’ve done extensive searching on Google but no luck.

Anyone know where these can be purchased in the USA?


anybody seen these two discs anywhere?


They will both probably wind up being Ricoh JPNR02.

Yes, your right. I believe that is the code on both discs. Do you know where to find them or at least other branded media with this code?

thank you,

The only sure-fire brand that I know of is Fuji 8x DVD+R. I got some at NewEgg.com, not very cheap stuff. Maxell 8x +R will likely be the same stuff too, but none of those brands are actually shipping it yet.

Any particular reason why you gotta have this?

In Japan (some) 8x TDK +R are TY and Sony are SONY-D11: http://homepage2.nifty.com/yss/dvd/pr8/pr8.htm
But they always end up getting the good stuff so they will probably be standard Ricoh media when they show up in Europe/US…

Interesting that Maxell is Ricoh even in Japan though. I wonder why they bother to develop their own +R dye and even get it approved by Philips when they don’t produce any media to sell.

I got some ProMedia 8x DVD+R that are identifying as Sony D-11 from Tiger Direct:

Tiger Direct

Interestingly, the package says Lead Data on it as well. And despite the picture in that link, which seems to be of Eagle media, the discs are blank, white top.

I’ve only burned one, but I’m not too impressed with the results (posted in the media test forum).

Probably made by LeadData using fake Sony MID :frowning:

I was thinking that as well. Is there any way to tell?

Burn one and PI/PIF scan it if you can.
Lead Data media is usually not too great and will produce a mediocre scan.

LD does OEM production for Sony.

Thanks for the info Code65536