Looking for the smallest mp3 player

I’m building a mp3 player using a XPe flash disk and I have a USB dongle with 512mb of mp3s ready to go.

Am looking for a ‘tiny’ player to play these continuously in shuffle mode - Winamp/Real/WMP are all too big for the flashdisk.

thanks in advance


WinAMP too big?
2.81 takes 6.16Mb including a load of plugins.


Lots of choices here. I tried to google one I tried a long time ago, it was less than 50kB, has some cool features too :slight_smile:

Coolplayer is good

Thanks all

Coolplayer seems to do the trick


FYI - I have loaded the Coolplayer onto the USB dongle and it works fine - this means that I can have an exyernal drive with its own plyer - no impact on the terminal at all.

well done - many thanks to all !!! :-)))

try also the 1by1 mp3 player. it’s standalone (no installation ), under 100kb. p.

the 1by1 does not like XPe - won’t load, missing a .dll
thanks anyway


You should get one of these:

The FLEA Music Player