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I’ve backed up the majority of my home DVD collection using DVD shrink, reauthoring them to only have the main movie on a 4.7GB DVD. I have also done the same with many TV shows. I have XBox Media Center running on my XBox and am now wanting to put all those DVD’s on my harddrive so that I can stream them. I don’t however want each file to be 4.7GB. I can handle 1 or 2GB, but really want them in one file as opposed to DVD format.

So the ultimate question is what format should I rip these backup DVD’s into to preserve quality? The other factor that I’d like to have is to be able to Tag them. Something similar to audio tags to include things like title, year, genre. Before I just replace my DVD encoded collection of videos, I want to encode them to very portable files (think MP3 instead of M4A). Should I wait for something new? I’m not interested in the Apple format. I do like AVI and have had little trouble with it, but couldn’t play it on my roommate’s Mac.

Any and all suggestions would be great and well appreciated.

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I do the same thing. Rip them to dix/xvid .avi format. Works beautifully.
Use AutoGK, and rip them to 1/3 DVD size (1493mb). They look fine on my 31" Regular TV.


I use AutoGK as well to convert for streaming to my Xbox. I go between 700-1400MB depending on the original quality of the film. I use lower is its just a 30-60 minute tv show.


So divx/xvid .avi is the way? Any other voices?

I saw a movie tag editor: “ABC Avi Tag Editor” that seems to have every Info tag I could stand, and it automatically pulls info from IMDB. So that seems to work out just fine.

The only other snag is being able to pull TV show tags. I saw http://www.abstractvoid.com/, which is a GUI version of Atomic Parsley, a solution for adding/editing iTunes-style metadata into .mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .m4v, .m4b files. This is cool, but will not work for .avi files. Any ideas?

As a side note here was a great article on torrent/TVShow sydnication.

Thanks again,

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