Looking for the right flash drive



Hi all,

My hard drive appears to be on its last legs and I think it might be causing some bad burns when I back up my DVD’s. So I want to try using an 8GB flash drive to store the disc images during burns to see if I get better results. There are a bunch of Samsung, Sandisc and Kingston memory sticks on ebay in the $20-30 range and I just wanted to get some advice on which drive to pick. I think for my purposes read/wright speeds are of the essence, but the ads tend not to list specific info about speeds, which makes me suspicious of the quality of the drives. For some reason reviews of flash drives are hard to find, so any advice would be much appreciated! Please include specific info about drives, such as model names/numbers, etc.



I have this USB drive: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820313031 It reads at around 15 mb/sec and writes at 11-12 mb/sec. It also has an aluminum case which makes it quite durable, IMO. The price is ddecent to for the performance and quality.



I’d be careful buying a cheap 8GB Flashdrive at eBay. Here in Germany I was hearing very often the problem of “faked drives”. I mean with “faked drives” you buy a 8GB drive, but only 1GB Flash is build in. The problem you’ll recognize this problem if you want copy your 8GB back, and than you find out 7GB data are lost.

I’d recommend to buy a drive of a manufacturer like Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung and no NoName crap.

I’d recommend the Sandisk Cruzer® Contourâ„¢ 8GB USB Flash Drive. The U3 stuff can be uninstalled and you can use the full 8GB. Btw. I found out that there is a 16GB version… that sound very sweet to me :iagree: (But that was not the question).

The Contour is a very fast Flash drive. This is an important point I think, since 8GB data to copy with a slow drive is no fun :frowning:


You may run into problems even with the best flash drive. I gave up using my Transcend 2GB thumb drive (which works perfectly on everything else) on vinyl LP recordings thru my laptop due to dropouts, even when I had maximum buffers set in the recording program. I went back to recording the .wav to the hard drive then copying to the flash drive. BTW, you should run some checks on that hard drive. If it is really going bad you should back everything up and replace it…regards, gamma1