Looking for the most recent Protection Scanner

Can someone please point me in the direction of the most recent protection scanner. I bought Sid Meir’s Railroads! and Im getting “suspicious MZ Header” out of the scanner Im using.

Thanks for your time…

Did you use the newest release of ProtectionID (v5.1f)? Did you scan the disc or the installation folder? You can also try A-Ray Scanner (also try sector scan for CD/DVD) or Copy-Discovery 2000.

Copy Discovery 2000 and Protection id

EDIT: @Kalas: Posted simultaneously :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Ill try them both when I get home and post the results.

protection is SecuROM 7.27.0012, protection id will display v7.26 because the newer versions haven´t been added in v5.1f. there will be a newer release soon with updated detections.

Nice to hear :slight_smile:
Do you know when version 6 will come out? Or is this already version 6?

v5.2 will be released sometimes around next week i guess. v6 is still in the works, no release date yet. someday it will be there :wink:

Thanks. What can be expected for version 6?

copy discovery is a bit bad for securom… just reports… totally useless