Looking for the best writer for under $50

I curently have a ASUS DRW-2014L1T Serial Drive. it seems ok, but I heard that it is not a good drive, and I went ehead ab ought it, Now I am looking for a another one, Wat is the best under $50, I heard Pioneer is good?

There is a poll on this but unfortunately some of the best drives are becoming obsolete. I just ordered a Pioneer 115 from one of the last places that have one and as it is, it will have a silver face plate vs. black which I would have preferred… that was through eBay and he had two left when I ordered mine, but then I haven’t gotten a shipping notice so I don’t know what is going on with that.

The other drive is the Sony NEC Optiarc 7200 (not 7220) series…a few of those remain here and there and in fact there is a message string in here about them.

The other top rated drive that is still current is the Samsung 203. The current 4th rated drive is the 116 which replaced the 115.

Optiarc 7200 is excellent… my favorite drive at the moment. If you can still find one, it is worth it. I think they have stock at Shop4Tech.


Hope that helps.

Newegg has the Optiarc 7200S (SATA) in beige for $25.99 + $7.00 shipping.


@Shop4Tech Subtract 15% and you have a very good deal, coupon code is SB15 good thru Mar.15.
These guys still have Black SATA, MFG. Jan. 2009 but a little more for shipping

The Nerds only have 530 left so you better hurry…I hate the $10 shipping…think I will pass… I paid $10 to ship the 115 but I don’t need another drive bad enough to pay $10 to ship, unless the drive was even cheaper…