Looking for the best packet writing software that will enable the use of Mt. Rainier

ok here is his question to me I defer to the experts on this forum anyhelp sincerly appreciated

I got in on a Memorex 52x24x52 substitution at Staples. It has Mt Rainier support. Since then I have been trying to chase down what software to use with Mt Rainier. I had been using Easy CD Creator Plat. 5 which includes DirectCD. Nero came with the burner, so I thought I would try it. When I tried to load Nero, I got an error message that said to unload DirectCD first.

Well I find out that Easy CD Creator is not so easy to remove from your system. No Unload utility and nothing shows up in the add/remove in control panel (Win 98). After a lot of searching, I find you have to manually remove the program and hack the registery. That’s okay, as long as my directions are complete.

Before I do that, though, I want to make sure the replacement for DirectCD is a better program. I’ve read some horror stories on Nero’s InCD. The one program I found in my research that utilizes Mt. Rainier is WriteCD-RW! Pro.

In short, I am looking for the best packet writing software that will enable the use of Mt. Rainier. Do all of the packet writing programs now support Mt. Rainier, or am I stuck with using the program I mentioned?

anyone care to at least venture an opinion ???

I have been using Nero with INCD and mount ranier format for some time and have never had a problem. but I only have ONE packet writing software ( inCD) installed too. any other software for CD burning I install I leave out their packet writing portion.


To get CD-MRW (Mt. Rainier) working, you will need a proper combination of CD-RW media, your burner’s firmware and packet writing software.

Good quality HS or UHS media are hard to find. There are encouraging initial reports about Verbatim 24x, but apparently nobody has tested how different brands of media perform under CD-MRW.

As far as I know, none of the popular burners can pass the EasyWrite compatibility test even with most recent firmwares.

All packet writers such as DirectCD, InCD and WriteCD-RW! can run on a relatively clean version of Windows, starting from Win98. Here “clean” means there are no conflicts with drivers installed by other burning programs, in particular burning plugins of WMP, WinAmp, RealOne Player, etc.

Most horror stories about packet writing reduce to “It doesn’t work”, without providing enough information about the three factors mentioned above. For instance, it is possible that for given media, a burner and a software environment, DirectCD works but InCD doesn’t; yet this doesn’t imply that DirectCD is “better” in general.

In your case, I would try DirectCD first (I’m not sure if DirectCD can’t coexist with Nero on Win98; maybe other users could tell us?). If you wanted to test InCD or WriteCD-RW!, you would have to remove DirectCD (and possibly other Adaptec/Roxio plugins, UDF Reader, etc). Once your OEM version of Nero is installed, you can download and install the latest InCD 3.51.91 from www.ahead.de.

Let me add that I have been running consecutive versions of Nero and InCD on my XP and 98SE boxes for six months with minor problems only, which might have been due to poor media (I’m using very cheap media).

I tried WriteCD-RW! and was getting error message they the program locked my Plextor burner and was flushing the buffers. I waited for 1 or 2 minutes with no drive activity light and still could not get it unlocked.

I emailed SAI and they asked how long I waited and I told them up to 2 minutes. Never heard back from them on any suggestions and since then I have seen others on the usenets talking about this issue.

I have since uninstalled it and went back to DirectCD until the new Microsoft OS supports Mt. Rainier…