Looking for the BEST audio burning suite

I’m looking for something to replace the Plus version of MusicMatch Jukebox.

These features are VERY important to me:

• Burn from either WAV or MP3, not just one or the other
• Volume leveling
• Change or remove the delay between tracks
• Select burn speeds up to my drive’s maximum
• Easily arrange track sequence before burning
• Edit MP3 tags (individual and batches)

One feature that would ROCK (but I’ve yet to find) is the ability to independently set the delay between any given tracks, that two tracks can run together, while other tracks on my CD maintain a normal delay of my choosing. You hear this all the time on commercially produced CDs. If that isn’t available, I would at least need to be able to rip sequential tracks as a single WAV file to maintain the flow of the orignal recordings (the Roxio Easy CD Creator suite has this).

Burning data CDs would be a plus. A WAV editor would be a plus. I absolutely don’t care about buying online music or making CD labels.

If it matters, I want to quit MusticMatch Jukebox because of long-standing bugs they’ve not fixed. Trying to play multiple tracks selected from Windows Explorer crashes the app. With the latest reslease, I am FORCED to burn at my drive’s maximum speed. Their customer support sucks, too.

I don’t know what all is available, and am having a hell of a time finding a suite that will do what I need.

Thanks for any advice you experts can share.

nero does all that…period…:slight_smile:


try Burrrn: http://www.burrrn.net/?page_id=4
for all your tagging needs try foobar2000: http://www.foobar2000.org