Looking for the 1.96z firmware of ACARD DVD Duplicator

I made the upgrade to 2.03z from the 1.96z in my dvd/cd duplicator, and i have the error message 'TARGET DRIVE NOT READY"

It has warranty yet, but when i bought this duplicator (has 8x Pioneer Burner)
the seller send me with 1.96z

i think i need to back to 1.96z to see if is the solution to the problem… otherwise…i think the copier must have the original-seller-firmware

someone knows where i can download the 1.96z firmware?

(you can download the new 2.03z from http://www.acard.com.tw/english/fc0101.jsp )
Thank you!!!

Which duplicator is it as they all have different files

the 1.96z, at bottom (AEC-7763LD)

some one knows where i can get the old 1.96z?

thanks a lot

The safest is to email support@acard I have done this on numerous occasions and have always had a good response, you can then be 100% sure you have correct file as flashing with wrong one will break it, I am running 2.03 however with a pioneer 108 at 1.14 firmware and a asus e616p2 at 1.03 firmware it copes very well and off good masters does 12x on the fly to ritek G05 media so maybe you should check other things before you change back

The following is what you need that it cantains all models of ACARD controll.

The following contains what you need for your controller.

I have an 2030T that connects to Pioneer 122p, Liteonit 5232k, Pioneer A08 & BenQ 1620.
One time when I upgrade the fireware to v1.38, I also get an error message like you.
but I forget it shows “'TARGET DRIVE NOT READY” or “'SOURCE DRIVE NOT READY”".

Finally I solve such situation by reseting the relating settings such as “SOURCE DRIVE”.

I think it may result in upgrading procedures that the setting will be reased to default.

thanks a lot
i checked the source drive some days ago… w/o sucess
i wlll come back to the old firmware
(i am thinking the pioneer dvd buerner is bad…)

acard sent me the 1.96 firmware…
if somebody need it, i have it