Looking for technical information on a CD sector layout



I need to know how the 2352 byes a brocken up (ie which of those bytes it the 'data', how all CRC's etc. are calculated.

Would like information in HTML with graphical illustrations if possible.

Any ideas where I can find this information?




ECMA-130 has everything you need. I only know where it is in PDF and PS, though.



Another thank you Sir, I’ve been studying that pdf for a couple of hours now! :slight_smile:

Oz, do you have similar documentation on El Torito? Well, I mean to say – what’s the most detailed docs you have found?

Cheers guys!


My favorite links:




When you have read these pages and the ecma-130 doc, you know almost everything there is to know. If you still want to know more, you need to get the colored books.

(BTW, what is El Torito???)


El Torito is the bootable CD-Rom standard :slight_smile:

BTW, do you (or anyone) happen to have a set of nice colour book pdfs? I can only find various assorted webpages which detail the specs. I think Philips has a whole set but I can’t find them :frowning:



im fairly certain that the colored books are only distributed to those who license philips technology from their patent kingdom. good luck finding them online…i’d wager spath or someone who seems to have his kind of knowledge could help you a lot more :wink: