Looking for tdk 401248B z7s1-z7sz bin file

NEED THE 40X12X48 version of tdk’s firmware. if anyone has it or knows where to get the bin file LMK or email it to me .

I’m also looking for it. Any kind soul can email me at celestar32@hotmail.com Thanks for replying.

found it

celestar32 ygpm

Originally posted by trainwreck
[B]found it

celestar32 ygpm [/B]

Could you send it too me?
Thank you!
My email is Yassoun@wanadoo.fr


Thank you!

is there any posibility i can still find this bin firmware?

Windows flashers can be found here. http://dhc014.rpc1.org/indexOEM.htm#CDRW401240B

Why do you need a binary?

thanks for replying… :slight_smile:

few days ago, my 401248B will burn corrupted data after 690MB…

my backup of the original tdk firmware mostly lost with my dead hard disk, now i wanna try flashing it back to tdk one. it’s now with liteon firmware. :frowning:

FlashFix should do the trick. Reverting to an old firmware will not fix the problem.

i knew, just i wanna flash back to old firmware, then send back to my fren, he requested me to do that…

incredible… after reverting to tdk firmware, no problem burning more than 690MB… or overburning too…