Looking for Taiyo Yuden DVD-RW

Could anyone recommend a good site that sells Taiyo Yuden DVD-RW?


TY only makes +R and -R, no RW at all.

your kidding! no wonder I couldn’t find them anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to use Ritek but a few people on this forum convinced me these are better. It seems that is what the majority uses here.

BTW is there a specific brand you would recommend for DVD-RW?

thanx a bunch

JVC/Victor 4x DVD-RW made in Japan.

Yup, my guess is that they don’t make RW media since they know that the RW formats as a whole will never attain the compatibility of a write once disc, no matter how high of a quality they are. TY probably doesn’t want to put their name on something unless they can be sure to attain a certain success rate. This could also be why TY hasn’t ventured into the D/L market.

I personally use Maxell +RW and have no problems. I have used SONY +RW as well, no problems either.

Any idea as to who makes them. So far the discs that have treated me the best are Fujifilm DVD-RW (MCC made). That still isn’t saying much though.