Looking for suitable media



I’m looking for some recommendations for disks to burn movies onto. I have got some Verbatim DVD + R. I was wondering if this ideal or if I can improve on this?


Best recommendation -> [B]Taiyo Yuden[/B] (only found online)
other recommendation -> [B]Verbatim[/B] (found at most stores that sell blank media) try getting the ones made in Japan


Is it best to go for + or -


I suggest the + … but nothing wrong with the - , the + are a notch higher in quality :wink:
but note…if you use the + type for video backups and have an older dvd player you may have to set the booktype to dvd-rom depending on the brand.


thx for the advice

  • or - doesn’t matter too much any more. Most players can handle both these days. If you have a very picky player you might try bitsetting the +R disks to DVD-Rom…so they look like a commercially made dvd to the player.

We would have to know the make and model of your burner to tell you if you can bitset with it (this process is also called changing the booktype).

It is probably best policy not to burn at top speed. If you have 16x Verbatim, try burning at 8x or 12x.


Do Taiyo Yuden do +?


Yes :smiley: