Looking for suggestions for ripping dvds to HD

Thinking about taking my dvd collection and ripping it all to harddrive. What format and program would you suggest to keep quality of both picture and sound (dd or dts) but limit hd space?


Any conversion you do will affect quality. Whether you notice it or not is up to your power of perception. I’d suggest Auto GK or Super and divx/xvid. Take a short clip (lot’s of action and scene changes preffered) and try different rates and that will tell [I]you [/I]what’s best for [I]you[/I]…

I’ll give those a shot, thanks! What happens with the audio, will it stay dd5.1 or dts?

  • Id use Ripit4me to rip dvd to hard drive. You can get it free at MajorGeeks.
    (DVD FabHD Decrypter is another excellent ripper, and perhaps easier to use if you are new to this. Get it here: http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm )
  • How big’s your Hard drive, because DVD files are very big, and will quickly devour the space on your hard drive.

You can try the excellent DVDFab Platinum Trial (i think its 30 days & fully functional), save your dvd as an iso using DVDFab Platinum & use virtual clonedrive (free) to mount the iso & walla there’s picture of high quality :iagree: