Looking for special kind of backup software



I’m looking for a special kind of backup software that not only backs up but keeps two drives in sync.

For example suppose I have two hard drives D and E. I want to be able to backup D to E such that if any files are new or change attributes on D they get backed up to E. I also want it to be able to delete files on E if they were deleted on D.

The problem with traditional backup software is even if I do an incremental backup, it will only backup new files (and depending on settings it might also backup based on file attributes), but it will not delete files off of E that are no longer on D.

Does anyone know of software that can do what I want?


I think you are looking for something like traybackup (freeware).


an english version is available here.


CopyTo Synchronizer (shareware) <-- my favourite

Microsoft SyncToy (freeware)

Toucan (portable freeware)


Awesome! Thanks for the help guys. These look promising, I’ll check them out, but this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!


I use Second Copy ($29.95) and just run backups manually as required. But it also has the option to continuously monitor the source directory and copy files as soon as they change.

This method has disadvantages though. For example, if you accidentally overwrite a file when saving rather than using a new file name then you won’t be able to retreive the original, the synchronization software will have duplicated your error. :doh: To get around this problem you can let it run in incremental or copy new files only mode while you work, then at the end of the day run a full synchronize to delete all obsolete files from the backup.